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Sometimes a tooth gets injured or decayed to the extent that the soft tissue in the middle is affected. This tissue is a commonly called the pulp or nerve of the tooth and when damaged it swells and cuts off the blood supply meaning that the cells in the pulp begin to die. This is a common cause of toothache and can be very painful.

By the time the tooth starts to hurt the pulp is often damaged beyond repair so the tooth needs to be opened up and the soft tissue removed. The process of carrying this out is called Root Canal Treatment or sometimes Endodontic (meaning inside the tooth) Treatment. The only alternative to this is to remove the whole tooth.

The pulp is usually removed at an emergency appointment to deal with dental pain or infection. The patient then returns for cleaning of the inside of the root(s) at a later date once the tooth has settled. This is done using tiny files inside the root together with lots of disinfectant to try and remove any bacteria living there. The root is then filled and the top sealed to prevent further breakdown. This process can take between one and two hours to complete depending on the number of roots and shape or size of the canals.

Your dentist may also recommend a crown to protect the tooth once the root filling is completed. This is usually done a few months after the root filling is completed to check that the procedure has worked.

If the root structure is more complex, your dentist may advise referring you to a specialist to have the treatment completed.

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