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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants at
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Dental Implants

When you have a missing tooth or teeth you will naturally be concerned about smiling or chewing; perhaps both. Dental implants are increasingly chosen the preferred way of replacing a tooth because they become part of your body and do not rely on other teeth for support. We can replace anything from a single tooth to a whole arch using implants.

Advantages of implants:

  • They are the closest alternative to your own natural teeth in looks
  • They’re fixed in and function just like natural teeth so are less bulky, more comfortable and don’t need to be taken out for cleaning
  • They don’t rely on other teeth to stay in place which can cause problems with your remaining natural teeth

What is an implant?

An implant is a small titanium screw which is placed in your jaw under your gum. After a few months of healing the screw will become fused to the jaw and part of your body. They are long lasting – with regular care and maintenance over 90% are there for life.
Once healed the implant is uncovered and can be used to support a new crown or bridgework. Implants can also be used to give better retention for removable dentures or, where four or six implants are used, an entire arch of teeth can be permanently fixed.

The implant process

We use a specialist implant surgeon, Carl Horton, to place all our implants as we believe that this will ensure the best chance of success. Carl restricts his practice to the placing and restoring of implants and regularly visits the Severnside Dental Spa in Newtown.


Patients will be referred to Severnside for an initial consultation and 3D CT scan of your mouth with Carl. You will receive two estimates, one for the implant placement at Severnside and one for the restorations at St Giles. Patient finance is available for both stages of the implant journey – please ask if you would like to know more.


After Carl has placed the implant, the site is allowed to heal for 2-3 months with a protective cover in place. He will check that the implant has properly fused and that the gum has fully healed; you are then ready to have the implant(s) built up at St Giles.


The team at St Giles will scan the implant site and send this to a dental technician who will create your new tooth or teeth in around 2- 3 weeks. The implant crowns will be checked for fit and colour before being permanently attached to the implant base; you are now ready to enjoy your new smile.


Interest free patient finance is available for all stages of the treatment

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