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Sometimes a tooth is damaged to the stage where it cannot be restored by a filling alone – this is where a crown can be used to save the tooth. Sometimes also called a cap, crowns are custom-made and cover every surface of the tooth in order to prevent the filling and tooth underneath from breaking further.

To place a crown, firstly any decay in the tooth is removed and the missing parts replaced with filling material. The restored structure is then shaved down to make space for the crown. We then scan the tooth with a 3D scanner and send the information to one of our dental laboratory partners who will make the crown to our prescription.

This takes around a fortnight or so and the tooth is left with a temporary cover during this time. When the crown is returned, your dentist will try it in to confirm that it fits well and check that you are happy with the appearance. If all is well, the crown is permanently fixed onto the underlying tooth.

We offer a full range of options, including tooth-coloured materials and gold – your dentist can advise you of the options and give you appropriate costings.


Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth and are an alternative to dentures and implants. Well looked after, they can be a long-lasting solution to an unsightly gap.


Most commonly used to replace a single tooth, the replacement is fixed to a tooth to one side of the gap using a crown placed on the supporting tooth. The process is very similar to that involved in making a crown and just like a crown, the bridge is permanently fixed. Smaller bridges can be made by gluing a metal tag to a tooth and attaching the artificial tooth to that.


Larger gaps can also be restored using implants instead of natural teeth to support the bridge.


There are usually several options when it comes to filling gaps and your dentist will be pleased to discuss the various options and prices with you to help you choose what’s right for you. Generally speaking, a bridge sits in-between a denture and an implant in terms of cost.

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