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Dental Treatments at
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Every new patient who joins the practice will have a baseline examination to check the health of their teeth and gums.

We have two dental hygienists who between them have decades of experience in helping patients to maintain healthy gums and smiles.

When a tooth has broken or a hole develops, it is important that the tooth is repaired to prevent further damage to the tooth. Often it is possible to repair the tooth with a filling and your dentist will discuss the options before work begins.

Most extractions can be carried out here at the practice by our experienced dentists who understand that you may be anxious and are skilled at putting you at ease.

From a single tooth to a full set, the team at St Giles have a lot of experience in providing dentures for our patients. Every case is unique and our dentists can advise you of your options.

Dental implants are increasingly chosen the preferred way of replacing a tooth because they become part of your body and do not rely on other teeth for support.
Sometimes a tooth gets injured or decayed to the extent that the soft tissue in the middle is affected. This tissue is a commonly called the pulp or nerve of the tooth.
At St Giles we offer two options for straighter teeth; clear aligners and fixed wire. We can tell you about the various options available and possible costs.

Sometimes a tooth is damaged to the stage where it cannot be restored by a filling alone – this is where a crown can be used to save the tooth.


Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth and are an alternative to dentures and implants. Well looked after, they can be a long-lasting solution to an unsightly gap.

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