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Complete denture with instruments

I’ve just broken my denture, what should I do?

  1. If you have an all-acrylic denture and it has simply broken in two, this is the most straightforward repair to fix and you may not need a dentist at all. Prodent Dental Studio in Newtown (01686 625322) should be able to fix it for you in a day or so; they will advise you if you need a dentist to look at it first.
  2. If the repair is more complex, please contact the practice and we will be happy to sort out the problem for you. Generally, these repairs will take several days to organise so please advise us if the case is urgent.

My new denture is rubbing, what should I do?

  1. If you have an alternative denture which is comfortable, then swap over to that one for a few days.
  2. Contact the practice and arrange an appointment to ease the new denture.
  3. 24 hours before the appointment, insert the new denture again. If necessary, use the old denture to eat with. The denture will start to rub again (hopefully without too much pain) and the dentist will be able to find the high spots more easily.
  4. If the sore spot turns into an ulcer, then salt water will help with the pain. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a tumbler of warm water and swill your mouth out with this. Repeat several times a day.
  5. We do not charge for these appointments if we have made the denture and it is within 3 months of the denture being fitted.
Illustration of a bridgework model
Illustration of a bridgework model

I’ve had some teeth extracted and a new denture fitted – it’s all very new and strange

  1. If necessary, read these comments in conjunction with the aftercare instructions for extractions on this site.
  2. Make sure that you clean your denture after every meal whilst the sockets are healing.
  3. It is quite common to need some time to adjust to dentures when they are first fitted, particularly if you are new to dentures, or have had significant changes made. Initially you may find that you cannot speak as clearly and/or find that you bite your lips, cheeks or tongue. This can take several weeks to improve but should settle within a month as your brain learns how to cope with the changes.
  4. If the denture feels unstable, try putting a small amount of denture adhesive under the plate. This should help with eating and talking.
  5. If you are finding difficulty with the denture, please contact us and ask for a review appointment.
  6. As the gum heals it will shrink leaving gaps under the denture. This can be quite rapid in the early phases and slow down, being complete after 9 months to a year. This can make the denture loose; fortunately, we can reline the denture to improve the fit. Please contact us for an appointment if you feel that this is necessary.
  7. After the gums have settled down it is usually necessary to make a new denture which should last for a much longer time.

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